About this application

This application is primarily a data collection mechanism for the RTO application.

In the current scenario some of the dealers are having an offline application which is installed in their premises. Dealers usually enter the data at their local location and print the Form.20 and take the data in some physical media to the RTO and the RTO will upload it direclty to the VAHAN database.

This has certain shortcomings which are common in all offline application deployments. (viz.,) Different master tables relating to model across dealers. Thus maintaining uniformity depends on the accuracy of the dealer side entris in the master. Also there may be some unexpected breakdown in the system which may be needed to reinstall the system and restore the last backup losing the days job before backup.

With the availability of Networked IT infrastructure, these short comings can be easily eliminated and better service can be provided through an online application, which can be made available to registered dealers for data entry and printing of Form 20. The advantage of this system is, the Master records are controlled by the main administrator. The delar related issues are local to the RTO and there is no need to phycically carry the entered data to RTO as it is accisible to him for download, once finalised by the dealer. This nullified the errors that may araise out of corrupt media etc.,

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